AGORA-EcoSystem: Re-Thinking, connecting, sharing and starting synergies

All of us are constantly thinking, creating, implementing, evaluating, publishing, etc., some type of innovative proposals to improve education, professional activities, in other words…  our current, and future society. However, and perhaps because of a lack of time or proper forum, we rarely stop to explain, share or listen to alternative and dynamic ways about our ideas/projects. Potentially, our own colleagues, professionals or individuals from other sectors, and even potential end users, can help us in these processes/projects, establishing new synergies that allow a more efficient, effective and satisfactory way to carry them out.

The objective of the session is to establish a collaborative dynamic (CO-THINKING and CO-CREATION). We want to share and develop ideas, concepts, keywords, projects (finished, in progress and/or maybe in an initial state) in order to establish a CONCEPTUAL MAP that relates in an initial and dynamic Eco-System, the main approaches, techniques, systems or methodologies that can improve the processes in progress of the attendance.

From a basic presentation of the work that each participant wants to exhibit orally and on whiteboard support (3 minutes maximum, having digital presentation for image/video support), the ideas and concepts will be complemented with the following presentations. After each presentation, the relevant methods, systems, technologies, approaches and aspects of each proposal will be identified, and will be linked to the other proposals as they are presented (maximum 10 proposals per session). With the identification of the methods, systems, technologies, uses and proposals that each participant is using and based on the comments, ideas, and in general participation of the rest of the attendees arises the definition of new synergies between people, research groups and universities that enrich the TEEM as a meeting point and focus of improving multidisciplinary work at any level.


The authors of the accepted papers will be invited to participate in this activity.

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